The Ayurvedic Body Types and Their Characteristics (Vata Pitta Kapha)

Dr. Neelesh Korde explains the Ayurvedic classification of personalities in three different categories – the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha types.

In this video, Dr. Korde speaks about the chief characteristics of each dosha (physical appearance, behavior patterns, food habits and mental bend) and also offers insights on how each personality type gets along with the others in day to day life and while forming relationships.

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  1. Gosh. I'm very much a Vata out of balance … Good to know.. Glad to have some different tools to use, thanks!

  2. Well Where have you been so long in my life….The No.1 type of personality is mine….And i really have all those symptoms….like poor sleep,digestion issues,cannot make a solid decision same as you said…..Can you please suggest me how to change my personality please.!!!

  3. Nice video daughter is 5 year old she have all symptom of vaat.but doctor diagnosed her adhd .

  4. hello sir thank you for your valuable video i am a type of vat and have a little pita type quality also is it possible to have both vat pita dosh and what is recommendable eating for gaining wait

  5. That was quite informational. I am definitely a Pitta.. while I may jump react to a broken glass, it is over quick and I am cheerful.. but I have always had super fast digestion , cannot handle the heat nor hunger.. at all

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  7. I have Kapha type Body, Please advice food practice do's & don't, as such I m very sensitive to nature have problem of common cold when there is atmospheric changes, also some time infection.

  8. nothing sinks for me. I have poor digestion. I'm not an active person. I'm short-tempered. I can tolerate heat but I'll die of cold. I sleep for a good amount of time, not very sound though. What kind of a person I am?

  9. i hav some serious digestive issues. i think whatever i eat is not being assimilated .also i when eatoily and all i get boils n pumples on my head n face. i am very anxious ,agitated , dnt feel like sleeping a lot evn though my eyes are red..bad at make any decision.i used to eat a lot of junk foods earlier…


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