13 Gedanken zu „Ayurveda:The Art of Being“

  1. I wouldn't give that midwife my baby. She is too rough…otherwise, I find Ayurveda very important for the health!

  2. I love ayurveda! I have been trying this lifestyle for about a year. I found that Nature's Formulary (just google it) has great info, recipes, and herbs. Thanks for this video I look forward to watching more =)

  3. Beautiful video. Thank you for sharing. I wrote a book called Simple Ayurvedic Recipes! Hopefully it can be helpful to many. Check out my channel for more information and videos on Ayurvedic cooking, eating, beauty, healing and health! Many blessings on your path to joyful vibrant living!

  4. I wants me some herb. Gots any Thai stick or Indian Gold? Some big ol' green-bud spliffies?

  5. Hi Jetan, how do i contact you for Ayurvedic herbs and formulation from India?

    I'm very interested 🙂

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